Friday, March 6, 2009


After a year of hording my 9 throw away cameras, I've finally gotten around to getting the pictures developed. I'll be sharing them hopefully keeping them organized by event/subject.

This first picture I took of Pooh holding his own creation. He had taken a large fold up van he has and turned it into a rocket by taping soda bottles and tubes to it. It's not often that he gets this creative so it was a treat to see it.

These next two photos are of the boys felt creations. I bought a bunch of different colored felt pieces at walmart and we went to town creating, of course, pirate scenes. They were so cute!

Next we have the kids participating in a cooking class. I was less than impressed with the class, but the kids had fun anyway. (We do better cooking lessons here at home!)

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live4evermom said...

Can't wait to see more pictures. I've had fun looking at the ones you have already shared. *wink*