Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Catch-Up To-Do List

I wish I had taken before and after pictures because it's amazing what we've done.  Just saying it doesn't compare.

Hub and I organized a bunch of stuff in the basement.  It isn't done but it's soooo much better.  Since we will be remodeling down there and had to rip out the carpet over a year ago, it has become a catch all/disaster area.  Our garbage bin is full and we don't get pick up until Thursday.  I have set aside boxes of stuff for a spring yardsale.  (One is full of vhs tapes as I am getting rid of most of those.  Yea Netflix!)

We had a family day over the weekend which was followed by my allergy attack.  I am still recovering from all of that.  However, I did manage yesterday to tear apart the master bedroom-dusting/vacuuming and organizing everything.  Plus vacuumed the boys' rooms, bathroom, hallway and livingroom.

Meanwhile, The King has been working on insulating some things in the attic.  Our free ac unit has the ability to be hooked up for gas heat.  We don't have that part hooked up so it had to be insulated to keep a draft from coming thru our vents.  He also insulated where we put in attic stairs this past year.  I don't think I've blogged about any of that yet.  I'll have to go back and check.  LOL

I've gotten dinner done for today and will be off soon to do my cleaning job.  At some point this week I have to grocery shop because we are running out of food.  I'm trying to use what I have in the pantries, but the boys are complaining.  (Pooh eats A LOT!)  Oh and I also cleaned out my fridge today because it's so empty.  That is the best and easiest time to do it.  :)  

And it goes on.....

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Done 12/21/11

I'm just going to jump back in by posting what I've done today.   No explanations of why I haven't been around in a while.  I've discovered that I'm here when I'm here and I'm not when I'm not.  LOL  Hoping that this daily checklist will help keep me inspired to get things done.  It's rainy, cloudy and dark today.  Not a good day for people like me who only do well in the sun.  Bleh.  Anyway, here goes......

As of 10am:

  • Breakfast: coffee, tofu scramble wrap, bacon.
  • Posted my foods into Weight Watchers tracker.
  • Bathroom:  scrubbed shower, wiped down mirrors/sink/toilet, picked towels up off the floor (I have boys.)
  • Posted 'Mom's Daily Schedule' at computer, bathroom and message board area.  (see what I'm trying to work on?)
  • Emailed owl pellet people to see if my order shipped.

As of 3:30pm:

  • Got dressed
  • Made bed
  • Threw in load of laundry
  • Cleaned up dishes: loading dw, putting away those in the drain, washing more for the drain, wiping counters
  • Had lunch
  • Had a mommy meltdown about the CHAOS (see Flylady on that one)
  • Talked with family to try to help with meltdown
  • Started organizing Tigger's recently refinished bookcase even though I couldn't find the pegs to hold up the shelf.  (reason for the meltdown beginning)
  • Cleaned out and reorganized Tigger's closet
  • Cleaned out and reorganized Pooh's closet
  • Listened to narrations 
  • Checked over math
  • Made more coffee
  • Ate some chocolate
Not necessarily all in that order.....

As of 7pm:
  • Did more straightening in boys' rooms
  • Made dinner (chicken and pasta and Wine!)
  • Got another phone call
  • Received and opened my amazon and owl pellet orders
  • Went through the regular mail
  • Hubby came home and we ate together and had a loooong conversation (a nice change from normal).  Discussed my meltdown and what we will be doing this weekend with his vacation days.
Now I'm spending 30 minutes on the computer before I leave to do my cleaning job (I clean a bank on business days).

Got home.  Ate a snack.  Watched a show and off to bed!