Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gardening Has Begun!

This past weekend was GORGEOUS! And yes, I had to yell that word because it soooo beautiful. We went from 34F on Monday to 79F on Saturday. It kinda felt hot! LOL

I managed to get my out-of-shape booty outside to get some things started in the garden. It was tough because I was suffering a cold. But I did it. The plants don't seem to mind my fever and germs. The King and I put stakes in the ground and wound garden twine to make trellises for my spring peas. I always plant sugar snaps and snow peas. (They are in the ground now.) I love them! They're good cooked and in salads. I also planted cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and onion sets. I bought those plants this year instead of starting them from seed (well, i have a couple of little plants of cabbage and broccoli that I started from seed) because I never seem to be able to get the timing right! My brain was too busy to try to mess with it this year.

I did put in some leek seeds though. I have some in the greenhouse and some I just planted in the ground. We'll see how they do. Leeks are great because you can leave them in the ground through most of the winter and just dig out what you want to use when you're ready. Leek and potato soup is a winter soup must-have.

I have some brussel sprout plants that I was given in the fall. They never did produce anything but there's still some life to them even after the snow. I'm just going to leave them in the ground and see if I get any sprouts on them this spring. If all else fails, maybe they'll go to seed and I'll collect the seeds from them.

I'm a lazy gardener so I always have things sprouting up that I don't plant in the current year. I've noticed I have some Tom Thumb Lettuce coming up in the garden. Last year I planted it but it didn't do too well. I never pulled it up and it went to seed. So now I have several baby lettuce plants going to town out there. I keep telling the King that my laziness seems to pay off in these instances. I always have cilantro reseeding itself. And dill. They come up every year on their own. Lots of times it comes up where I don't want it, but, hey, lazy beggers can't be choosers. ;D

I'll post pictures when my new camera gets here and I figure out how to use it.


live4evermom said...

My boys are wanting to get out there but we will be busy this weekend so I have to see if we can get out tomorrow if it doesn't rain.

Can't wait to see pictures. A new camera, yippeee!

Berta said...

Excellent, so happy for you and the kids. We are still battling 10 degree weather right not lots of pics please