Thursday, March 26, 2009


A couple of significant things happened this week. Significant in the world of Pooh.

The first you see here:

I had already prepared dinner and was upstairs on the computer while waiting for the King to come home. Pooh decided he was going to make the table "fancy". He started all on his own getting out my champagne glasses and filling them with Coke. LOL Meanwhile, I was ordered to stay upstairs and when the King came home he was ordered to stay out of the kitchen. He even let Tigger help.

When we sat down, he pretended to be a chef and Tigger was the waiter. They got our orders and filled them. Pooh even suggested to Tigger: "Ask them if they want to talk to the chef." We, of course, decided that we'd love to talk with the chef! It was a wonderful conversation. Chef Pooh told us he had learned to cook some things from his mother who had gone to Italy at one time. (yes, I've been there. ;D) We complimented the chef on his great service and the waiter too.

There were so proud that they did it again the next night. In fact, the table was set all the way with plates, napkins and anything else we needed.

They are such a hoot!

The second significant thing is here:

This is a boy with autism eating a sloppy joe and not freaking out about it. I saw a look on his face somewhere around the beginning of him trying to eat it and so I started reminding him why it was called a sloppy joe. (I had discussed with him before that this is a 'sloppy' or 'messy' joe.) So when I saw him look at the meat falling out onto his plate and then look at me, I just smiled real big and said, "That's why they call it a sloppy joe!" He smiled real big and said, "Yep, it's a sloppy joe." He then repeated that a couple of times while eating dinner.

The other significant thing about him eating this is that it had diced onions and peppers in it and he ate it all without picking them out!!! This is the boy who begs for lasagna and then takes it apart layer by layer and picks the veggies out. Whoo Hoo for sloppy joes!!!

Change comes to those who wait (and sometimes wait and wait and wait) :D


live4evermom said...

Sounds like a perfect evening.

Shannon said...

What a sweet couple of boys you've got there! And yay for Pooh eating that Sloppy Joe!!! My son has some sensory issues, so we've dealt with some similar things.

I've enjoyed your blog. I saw your Jekyll Is. Pics from 2008. It is beautiful there...I used to live right across the sound on St. Simons Island...also very beautiful.

Shannon @ Song of My Heart

The Glasers said...

Wow, wow, wow, wow!!! This is awesome on so many levels, it would take all day to list out each one!!!!! You and the King must feel so happy!