Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Real Snow at Last!

Most people on the east coast of the US just had an awesome snow fall. In our area, we ended up with 5 inches. I know because I took my measuring stick outside and measured several places in our yard just to be sure. I never trust those news forecasters on snowfall totals. ;D

My camera was out of commission during this snowfall so I have no current pictures to show you. I do have a couple of pictures of the usual sissy snow we normally get. That 'light dusting'...

January 2008

January 2009

See what I mean? Sissy snow. Not this time though. With 5 inches we were finally able to go sledding!!! It's been about 5 years since our part of the country has seen 5 inches. (and if I remember correctly, that was the year our power was out for 3 days and we broke down and bought a kerosene heater.)

We took off to a nearby school (I knew those public schools were good for something. LOL) and proceeded to spend two hours riding down some great hills. It was so fun to see everybody out there. There were, of course, tons of little kids, parents and even teens on their snowboards. We had pretty humble equipment: cardboard and an empty bird seed bag that was great for me! ;D They all did the trick.

After that we came home for a potty break and lunch. Then the kids went back outside in our yard while I did some inside chores. They were very disappointed that they couldn't form a snowman. The snow that fell was pretty dry. However, with a little bit of melting from the afternoon sun and Dad to the rescue, they were able to go back out in the evening and make one. Complete with eyepatch and one of their pirate hats. (of course!)

Charlotte Mason would be so proud of all our Outdoor Time today! LOL

Surprise!!! One of my friends is graciously letting me use some of the photos she took in the woods behind their house. She did a great job with these pictures, don't ya think?

And a few of her feathered friends enjoying the seeds she provided...




Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of our recent winter wonderland!


Just: Carolyn said...

These are great pics Dawn! Loved them...looks and sounds like the boys had fun no matter how "sissy" it might have seemed. ;-)

Carolyn @};-

The Glasers said...

Those are awesome bird pictures. We see all of those birds except the juncos. I used to see them in Colorado, but not here!

teachingmom08 said...

I really loved those pictures you took! We had a recent snowfall also. But as you say, it was "sissy snow" LOL!