Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today's Schedule

I know that I'm always looking at others' schedules to get ideas and to see where I can make improvements, so I thought I would present our morning for those who may be looking right now. I have one student in AO Year 1 and one in my own version of a .5 year.

8am-Mom rolls out of bed on a rainy morning. I am an hour late (stayed up too late the night before!!!). The goal is 7am so that I have exercise time. Spend some time on computer and drinking my morning tea.

9am-Both boys are now up and I start them doing their morning routines and chores. Take time keeping Pooh from reading books (he has a hard time not stopping to read some history along the way) Warm them that school will start at 10am. Mom is busy making bed, doing a little laundry, watering plants in greenhouse, getting supplies ready for afternoon seed planting.

10am-Boys are ready and mom is still putting dinner in the crock pot. We don't celebrate the holiday but I found the corned beef on sale and since it's been years since I've eaten it (like 20 yrs) I'm making corned beef and cabbage. With a little Dijon mustard. Ooooo, momma, that's good! School started at 10:20am.

10:20-11:15-Daily Text, Genesis chapter 46 (even slipped in a little Spanish--la biblia, Genesis, capitulo 46 LOL). Also, Tigger's code B Explode the code pages, Pooh's copywork of daily text and Tigger's math page.


11:40-Pooh's Math ladder game. Start readings. One chapter Pinocchio, Pooh reads aloud from Stuart Little (free read-I'll post about this later), one chapter Paddle to the Sea, two pages from Parables from Nature (this will also get a separate post), The Tale of Tom Kitten (Tigger).

12:45-Lunch Tuna sandwiches with carrots and tortilla chips. Kids get 15 minute break while mom eats and watches a couple little health excerpts online from the Today Show.

1:15-Begin audio of Learn from the Great Teacher

School is officially over.

2:00-Off to Lowes! My cukes in the greenhouse are starting to flower even though they're still incredibly small. I need to buy a pollinator spray since I'm not intending on inviting bees in there. ;D (The search to 3 stores was fruitless!!! Nobody has the spray now. I guess I'll have to use a paint brush until I can order some.)

I won't bore you with the details of the rest of the day. :D Suffice it to say that some days we have errands to run, some times they get outside and play, there's composer/artist/nature/spanish studies going on at various times. Also, if we had gotten started on time, we would have been done earlier in the day in order to provide time for those 'electives'.

We have officially ended Term 2 and started this week on Term 3. I'm running about 3 weeks behind the schedule I had set for us so that means we'll school right through June instead of taking a month off. I want to start Year 2 in July so as to have more flexibility for getting out in good weather next year for nature walks, etc. July and August are very hot here and we tend to stay inside a bit more anyway.

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live4evermom said...

Our hot weather months are May, June, July, August and Sept. LOL It was nice to see your schedule. Today was our paying bills and getting garden things day also. Keep up the good work. I love reading what you all are up to.