Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Deer!

Last night I woke up soooo many times. I was hot because the King had put the kerosene heater in the basement and it was just too warm for me. I have a horrible time sleeping in the heat. In the summer, my bedroom is like an icebox with my window ac unit cranked up high. The King tends to sleep in other rooms during the summer. ;D

One of the times I woke up, our dog was outside barking like crazy. Now, she is known to have nights where she barks a lot. But last night the barking was different. I thought maybe we actually had a prowler in the neighborhood. After all, it was 2:30 in the morning, right?

I checked all windows looking for what she was barking at. Due to the recent rains, it was extremely foggy outside but I could see because of the street lights. It was the last window when I actually saw them. On the other side of our neighbor's house is an empty lot. It's only a little 1/2 acre plot but it's overgrown with pines and brush. There are houses all around it. We also live on a state road that is used A LOT! The traffic is usually going along at a fast clip well over the 45 mile an hour speed limit.

That's why it was amazing to see not only 3 deer in the lot, but then all of a sudden about 6 more deer bounded across the highway into the lot. I've never seen that many deer together before! I couldn't see where they went after that. One can only assume they prance through everybody's back yard on a regular basis. Good Grief!

The really scary part is that within 20 seconds of them bounding across the road, a car came flying around the curve. I would've hated for that timing to have been different. Deers do major damage to vehicles and their drivers. We have some little things stuck on our front bumpers that is supposed to help keep the deer from coming in the road. As long as you're driving at least 45 miles an hour, evidently the wind passes through these little devices and the sound is something only the deer hear and they stay away. I assume they're working, but I have no proof. I haven't hit a deer yet. I did have one jump over the roof of my car one time before the devices were put on. Eeek!

Anyone know if there is some type of deer activity going on right now? I'm not familiar with the deer's schedule of events for the seasons. LOL

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live4evermom said...

Oh, dear! LOL I just couldn't help myself.