Sunday, March 8, 2009

Boys' Party Summer 2008

The theme was Pirates. I know you're not surprised. LOL All our summer parties are kept outside. That's purely for my sanity. We usually have around 20 kids and it's all water play. We set up the water slide and various other sprayers etc. If we end up with rain (which only happened once), we postpone to the next weekend.

We had a battle of pirates vs. landlubbers complete with cannons (water balloons). There was a treasure hunt...

Then there's the grub: goldfish, squid n seaweed (hot dogs cut and cooked to resemble squid on a layer of green spagetti),

And we can't forget the cakes. This is the pirate ship cake. It's sitting on blue dyed coconut for the water effect. There are rollos involved for the gold on board and those cookie stick things for the cannons. It was listing to one side no matter what I did, but that kind of went well for the whole idea of it being attacked by a Kraken. :)

Treasure Island was actually filled with treasure. I used those colored coins sold at the dollar store to insert within the cake after baking but before icing. Also the bottom of the cake was baked in a bundt pan so it would be hollow in the middle. A great place to hide more candy and jewels. A smaller circle cake was placed on top and the whole thing iced and covered with sand (crushed graham crackers). The people and other decorations were picked up at one of the dollar stores.

The paper that I used to label the cakes and other food was doctored up to look like an old pirate paper. If you have plain white or tan paper, you can take weak tea and stain the paper. Then you carefully burn all the edges. Just be sure to blow it out almost as soon as you lite it or you'll be left with ashes.

The enjoyment part...

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Just: Carolyn said...

What a happy day this looks like! The cakes turned out to be awesome! You are very creative!

Are you already planning another summer party? Will you have another Pirate theme? You've give me some good ideas. Thank you for sharing!

CH @};-