Friday, July 15, 2011

A Real Conversation

My autistic son, Pooh, talks a lot.  He talks a lot about movies and history.  So it was a momentous occasion recently when he initiated a Real Conversation. (said with fanfare--flag waving and jesters jesting) 

This month I started working an evening job cleaning an office.  So about a week after I started, he and I are entering Harris Teeter when I hear, "So, how's work going?"  It didn't register at first as I was thinking about what I had to get at the store and since he talks AT me all the time, I tend to tune him out.  But after a few seconds I looked at him and said "Are you talking to me?"  "Well, yeah." was the response.

I picked my lower jaw up off the floor and said the job was fine.  Also that I have to clean the toilets and vacuum and mop and stuff like that.  He got this funny grin on his face and then said "So what's the worst thing you don't like to do?"  Another shocker.  He's continuing the conversation with another question!!!

So I replied with "Hmmmm, I think vacuuming is the worst thing."  I then get, "Yeah, I don't like vacuuming either."

That was the end but WOW!  I never really talked to him about my working except to tell both boys they would be assigned things to do while I was gone each evening.  So he came up with all of that on his own.  The whole kit and caboodle.  I hope this means there will be more coming.

Pooh has definitely changed in the last year.  He's become interested in some very teenagery type stuff that I wasn't thinking he'd pay attention to.  He wants the radio on when we're driving and he has specific song preferences.  I made him a cd which he was happy with. It has some of the songs he really likes-Rascal Flatts, Bruno Mars (only the ones previewed and selected by me-ahem), Coldplay.  It's typical boy preferred type music.  He groans when the new Adele song comes on that I like.  LOL  "Not that again!"

He's also more aware of clothing than what I thought.  He told me he'd wear shorts this summer if they were like his cousin's (who dresses very fashionably).  I was able to convince him that most of the jean shorts he owns came from said cousin and so they are 'cool'.

He's got very hairy legs, hairy armpits, body odor, a tiny mustache and a VERY deep voice.  For a while when his voice changed, I'd freak that some stranger had come in the house.  Then my brain would finally process that no, that's my son!  I just bought him shoes in a men's size 9.  He's already around 5'1".  I'm only 5'3" so he's thrilled.  LOL

He uses words like 'lame' and tells me he can't watch PBS shows because he's not a 'baby' anymore.  He does still like Spongebob and Phineas and Ferb but I know adults who like those shows too so that's not saying a whole lot.  ;D

He's maturing and it's wonderful to see.  There are still a lot of areas to work on but they come at HIS pace, no one else's.  That's always been his way--from learning to tie his shoes to learning to ride his bike to learning to read.  He does it when he's ready.  Patience is required on the part of the parents-read ME.  It's not easy. 

So until I update my photo the the side, here's what my teenager looks like.