Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jekyll Island, Ga 2008 Vacation Pictures

This is the place we decided to take a rest stop at on our way back from Florida. It just happens to be right off I95 and the most fabulous rest stop EVER! LOL On our way we picked up sandwiches from Subway and one of these pictures is of me chowing down on the beach.

This is after we got the boys cleaned up and changed. They had a blast. You can see the bridge we crossed to get to the island in the background.

Here's a link with a lot more info about the island. Since it was a Sunday when we were there, the Sea Turtle Center was closed. However, I told the King that one day we'll have to go back there and do some camping. It's just too beautiful. I'm a sucker for peaceful beaches.

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teachingmom08 said...

Jekyll Island is one of my favorite places to visit. I'm glad you could get to see it's beauty!