Monday, March 16, 2009

Nature Science Center

We went with our homeschool group to a local science center on Friday. Even with the dreary weather we had a great time.

The snake room was open and the volunteer took out several snakes AND a bearded dragon for the kids to touch. This snake I *think* she said was an albino corn snake. She did show us two different corn snakes. When you lift up the corn snake and look at the belly, you can see why they named it the corn snake. It looks like ornamental corn with it's dark and light corn pattern. My favorite was the bearded dragon named Elvis. LOL He felt very interesting. I was surprised after feeling the smooth snakes to feel how rough the dragon was. Not exactly cuddly, but very cute!

The outdoor zoo had a little petting area. The kids got to see Alpacas, touch sheep, goats and Tigger informed me this morning that there was a peacock there. I never saw it! Tigger said he tried to scare it so it would show its feathers. Evidently that didn't work. LOL

We tried to see these Maned Wolves, but there were snuggled together sleeping. Kind of a good idea on such a cold, wet day.

See those blobs of brown behind the stick? Those are the wolves. Technically the sign said they're not really wolves or foxes. They sort of look like the australian dingo to me. Very interesting.

We visited the gift shop of course and Tigger came home with a gold digging kit. Boy, they ripped that right open when we got home! They really tried to keep all the dirt on the mat, but were just too into it to bother. They are now the proud owners of a little pouch of gold. LOL Tigger let Pooh help dig some out. All sorts of tools were used as you can see from the photos. That block was hard!


live4evermom said...

Looks like fun but sounds like another manicure is in order. LOL

Berta said...

They are enjoying themselves...good job mama, keeping them busy. Do you have a zoo and a science center in your area?