Monday, June 13, 2011

Patio Project

Last we brought home some dilapidated wicker furniture that had about had its day.   The cushions were disgusting so I tossed those.  One week during the fall I did my best to strip the wicker of its old paint using a type of wire brush The King got me from Lowes and the jet spray on my water hose.  It did a fairly decent job, but I soon realized there was no way I was going to get all that paint off. 

Then it got cold out and I sort of let it sit in limbo until this past month.  I used primer and a paintbrush to do the majority of it.  It takes a while.  Once that was done I started using white outdoor spray paint and did some of the tiny areas and grooves.  After that, I used an outdoor clear sealer and sprayed them all down.  I hope it holds fairly well.

Here is the new patio set up in all it's glory! 

 That's my rain barrel in the background.  It works wonderfully at helping me keep my patio plants watered.  The recent lack of rain hasn't been helping keep it full too well, though.
 That ac unit isn't going to be there permanently.

I haven't decided for sure yet what I'll be doing about new cushions.  The budget is tight right now, so I won't be paying $80-$100 for a new set of outdoor ones.  At best I'll get a nice set at a very good end of season price.  At worst, which really isn't that bad, is to get some cheaper indoor cushions and keep them in the greenhouse when we aren't sitting on them.  That will require me to have the memory to put them away after each outdoor jaunt.  Let's hope I find a good end of season sale. 

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