Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blossom, Odie and Osita

This is Blossom.  She is a mix of Chihuahua, Pug and Dachshund.  She's about 11 lbs of pure spunk!  We had her and Odie (her brother--they are both 1 yr old) in the dog pen which is made from field fence.  We lined it with chicken wire because she was so tiny she could get out.  Then she started climbing the fence and hopping out.  In December when we had our first snow, she got out of our main fence and wandered near the road.  We think she got side swiped by a car because she was freaked out and bleeding when I found her.  She was also in shock.  So she stayed overnight at the doggy hospital with a busted ear drum.  She was on meds for two weeks.  Free dog that wasn't so free.  Yikes! 

After that I had to spend a week or two doing rehab with her.  She was absolutely terrified of being outside the house.  Wouldn't even go out to potty.  The way I treated it was to stay outside with her for periods of time.  Especially at meal time, I started 'bread trailing' her food.  I started very close to the house dropping pieces of food here and there and then gradually got her farther and farther away.  By the time she was done with her meds, she was back to normal with her behavior.  I was very thankful that she had no permanent or lasting damage either physically or psychologically.  So now we have the underground fencing going thru the regular fencing and she wears that collar.  She just never got big enough to not fit thru the field fencing we've had for years.  Oh well.  One exciting year after another, right?

 This is her brother, Odie (about 20lbs).  This is Tigger's dog.  Really he didn't turn out to a kid dog but he's ok.  Tigger loves him and that's what matters.  I've nick named him Chicken Little.  In these pics, he keeps licking the air because he's afraid of the camera.  He's also afraid of the water hose, the rake, the get the idea.  He basically just goes off to find a 'safe' place when I have one of those in hand.  Strange thing though, he sat within a few feet of The King on this day while he was using a power saw.  Dogs are just weird.

 This is our old girl, Osita.  She's 8 years old and weighs in around 30-35 lbs.  We got her from a relative who found her as a stray off on her own.  She came to us a few months after Tigger.  LOL  But, she is Pooh's dog through and through.  She's a mutt but I've been told she looks like a Carolina Dingo and she definitely has the look from what I've seen online.  She also has a blue spot on her tongue so they wouldn't consider her pure bred Dingo even if she were.  I don't know what the deal with the spot is but that's what their website said.

So that's our pack.  They all do pretty well together.  Osita never gave us a problem when we got the puppies.  She's a good-natured girl.   Hopefully, life will settle down with all of them and be fairly boring for the next few years. 

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