Monday, June 13, 2011

FAQ-How do I start? What about testing?

Go here to find your state and look up the info on the laws you need to know.  Each state is different.  I'm in a moderately regulated state.  I have to keep attendance records and have my boys tested yearly.  I keep those records on file for each year.  I have the choice of home visits or sending in copies each year.  Most homeschoolers in my state choose to send in their info.

It is best to get your information from your state website for several reasons.  One is that we are all busy parents homeschooling our children and it is a kindness to not impose a long list of already answered questions to another mother with a busy schedule.  Secondly, laws can change.  It is best to go directly to the legal source.  Thirdly, as mothers we don’t always have the best memory and we wouldn’t want to cause problems by giving out information that wasn’t quite right.  

It is always best to understand the rules and regulations yourself instead of relying on others.  Can you tell this is a bit of a pet peeve of mine?  I don't mind helping new homeschoolers, really.  However, in almost every case I've done so, I've had to reexplain the same thing several times, mentioning the website several times.  Go to your state website first and ask questions about the things that may be a little unclear after that!

All your veteran homeschool moms will love you for that. 

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