Sunday, June 12, 2011

FAQ-How can I build confidence that I can really homeschool my kids?

Time is your friend.  Nobody feels comfortable with homeschooling in the beginning.  Especially for the first year, you will be on a trial and error basis.  You will discover some of your fabulous ideas just aren’t working.  New information will come your way that will work better for your family.  

Take the time to read up on homeschooling.  (You will see that I recommend this in many cases as there is just no way to address the vastness of information on child education in this FAQ series or even verbally.)  There are many ways of going about it-none of them completely right or wrong.  Sometimes you come across another homeschool mom or two who are very passionate about their method of homeschooling.  It is wonderful that they are happy with how things are going for them, but don’t let it dissuade you from something that is working better in your family. 

Your homeschool is unique.  Don’t compare yourself with others.  Every family will find their own rhythm and will be pursuing a course that is best for them.   Some families thrive on strict routine, others need spontaneity.  Some families are musically inclined; others are ‘Give me literature or bust!’.  Then you have eclectic families who are doing a bit of this and that.   Uniqueness is a gift, so I encourage you to revel in yours!  Highlight it!  Put it on a t-shirt and wear it!

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