Saturday, June 11, 2011

FAQ-How do I know if I can homeschool?

The best way to determine if your family is ready to be a homeschool family is to gather information and discuss it.  There are many sources of homeschool information in book form and on the web.  Make Google your friend.  Most answers can be found through a Google search.  Some things to think about are:

  •  Am I committed to making it a success? 
  • Can I follow through with decisions I make and a schedule?
  • Do I have my spouse’s support?
  • Can we reasonably change our financial circumstances?  (For many homeschooling means that a previously working parent stops working, but this may not be the case for all.)
  • Does my health permit it?

Many parents find themselves asking their children what they think.  While this isn’t a bad idea, the decision of whether or not you will become a homeschooling family is the parents’ decision.  It is okay to decide something that the children won’t like at first.  They may have erroneous ideas about what homeschooling will be like.  If they are currently in public school, they may feel like they will be isolated or they may feel made fun of for becoming a homeschooled child.  (We will address socialization later.) 

Once you have decided that this is something you can do, present the facts to the children in a positive way.  Find out their concerns and then make sure you address those needs.  New things can be frightening.  Commit to homeschooling for at least one full school year (barring any emergencies).  Any new project (moving, new job, new school) requires a generous amount of adjustment time.

Know that you CAN do this!  Seek out support through local homeschool groups and friends.  Perhaps you can find a homeschool ‘buddy’.

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