Monday, June 20, 2011

FAQ-What if I work full-time?

Many parents who work full-time consider homeschooling their child/children.  It is not an impossible task.  There are many things to consider when making this type of decision.  What is your work schedule?  Will you be working in the home or outside the home?  How old is the student(s)?  Can he/she work independently?  How much time each day are they spending alone?  Are they prepared to deal with home emergencies on their own?  (fire, burglary, etc)  Is my child a social butterfly/introverted and how will this affect the development of their personality? 

These questions bear serious consideration, especially for those parents who will be working outside the home and are considering leaving their child to work on their own.  It is the rare child who copes well in that type of situation. 

Another option that is available in our state is that of having your child join another homeschool already in operation.  You may know someone who is currently only homeschooling their children and is willing to take on yours as well.  That is a situation that may work for some.  For details on the laws in regards this, please see your state law website. 

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