Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FAQ-What if my child is currently in public school?

After you address the legal issues, you may wish to take a few months to do some ‘de-schooling’.  (It is generally recommended to De-school one month for every year the child has attended public school. That may not be necessary in all cases though.)  De-schooling basically allows your child to let go of the rigor and expectations of public school.  They are no longer required to rush from one subject to the next without having time to digest the information.  They are adjusting to not being graded over every thing.  They are able to relax and see that they can learn things in a more natural way, from real life.  This doesn’t mean they sit around watching TV and playing video games all day.

Some things you can do during your de-schooling time are:

  •  Field Trips to museums, science centers, etc. 
  • Reading together.  This means in a relaxed way, not with constant questioning to ensure comprehension.  Make weekly trips to the library for reading material. 
  • Nature Study 
  •  Pursuing Hobbies such as woodworking, rock collecting, etc. 
  •  Learn Life Skills such as cooking, gardening, etc. 
  • Talking and Listening.  This should be a time to reconnect with your child.  Work on your relationship before becoming the teacher.

Keep in mind that a lot of the de-schooling information out there is described in preparation for ‘un-schooling’.  However, many families who choose other homeschool methods still have a period of de-schooling before they begin their new curriculum.  You can also use your de-schooling time to take care of the next step—Homeschooling Methods.

Some experiences can be found here and here.

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