Friday, April 3, 2009


We have a rabbit named Smokey. We received him from another family that were tired of taking care of him. We were told that he is a Netherland Dwarf rabbit. He's very sweet. I haven't yet done a 'study' of rabbits with the boys, but when we do we'll have a very convenient specimen to examine.

Pooh is in charge of checking on him every morning. He checks his water, dry food and litter box (he was already litter trained when we got him!). Tigger loves giving him fresh greens from the garden. He loves all those weeds that I need to get rid of. :D

We don't take him out of his cage much because he gets a little jumpy when out of the cage. My plan is to start getting him used to wearing a harness and leash so that we can take him out here and there. The King has a dream of moving the hutch and adding a whole bottom section to it so that he has a play area and the boys can get in the bottom part to play with him.

One really cool thing that he's done is to almost purr when I pet him sometimes. I had no idea rabbits even made noises! (I wasn't really raised as an animal person so I'm getting used to them.)

Tigger has no such reservations! (Isn't he the cutest! (if i do say so myself LOL))

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live4evermom said...

How cute. My boys are wanting chickens. Gotta start getting things ready for that now that the garden is done.