Thursday, April 9, 2009

All The King's Men

They're geared up for battle!

The King is chopping up some twigs and branches. These will go as a bottom layer in our compost pile. Yes, it's getting cleaned up. ;D The bottom layer of twigs will help keep a little air there for the pile to breathe. The more air that gets worked in the faster the stuff breaks down. Evidently. We're trying this theory anyway. LOL

Here it is almost done. We're using that big pvc pipe with holes drilled in for ventilation too. We never get around to turning the pile on a regular basis so we're trying to set it up so that maybe it will decompose faster without all our help. What you don't see are the layers. Twigs, soil, leaves, cuttings (greens) and food scraps. All these are repeated except the twigs.

Pooh has a hatchet and is chopping a huge log. It's an activity he enjoys.

Tigger is exclaiming about all the 'hard work'! He has a machete. He loves this type of stuff. He always wants to help the King with anything he's doing outside.

In this photo Pooh is using a machete.

I know it may freak some people out for them to be using these instruments. It freaks me out when I think about it. However, this is how my Latin King grew up. Evidently, Latin Americans are partial to their machetes. I couldn't believe it when we were first married and the King wanted to buy one. Whaaaa???? He's even taken us on hikes with the thing. I guess I know who I'm going to the jungle with. LOL

We do have safety rules for the kids.

1. Wear gloves.
2. Wear glasses. (usually sunglasses)
3. Wear real shoes. Not your sandals.
4. We keep separate. See the photos above how they're on opposite sides of the fire pit.
5. They are never allowed to 'play' with them.
6. Keep the machete in the down position when others are around. (We usually call a warning when we're walking their way. "Coming through!")
7. When the blades are not in use, they are harnessed or are stuck into the ground or something of that nature so it can't be stepped on or knocked around.
8. The King is always with them.

After the initial horrified look I gave him, the King assured me that he was concerned with their safety as well. (good thing!) I keep an eye on things but have learned to relax about it. Even to be proud of their skills. Won't their wives be happy to go to the jungle with them!

Well, that was part of our weekend work. I'll try to post some photos of our other work soon. Friday and Saturday I'm in charge of our yard sale fundraiser. So, I may end up with a few days break between the next posts. If you don't hear from me, just hope we're earning lots of money for our field trips!


HornGullyFarm said...

Children who are given Hachets and the like, are trainded to use them properly and respect them are not so dangerous. 100 years ago, kids worked like this -copying what the adults were doing to learn life skills. What scares me, is when untaught older kids get the same tools and thing they are play-things. You are doing good to teach the the ground-rules for safely working with these in a calm supervised setting.

The Glasers said...

In the pioneer days, boys used to carry guns to school in case they ran into a bear along the way (Bears of the Blue River). Parents were much better guides in teaching children about tools and weapons and their proper uses.

We have a decorative machete with all the seals of the Central American countries on it . . . We have never had to use it!