Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Greenhouse April 6th

These pictures were taken about a week ago. Things are perking right along in there. The lettuce is still growing. The carrots are coming along, although on hot days they sort of flop over. Almost all my tomato seeds sprouted. My yellow peppers came up but for some reason my red ones haven't. I'm also still waiting on my sage seeds. They are slow germinators.

This is the tomato plant that last time I photographed it was about 1 1/2 feet smaller. It has lots of flowers to come but I haven't seen any baby tomatoes forming yet. Hopefully soon!

Here are the tomato seedlings. I planted about 4 different varieties. Roma, Brandywine, Homestead, Old German. The cherry tomatoes seem to come up on their own every year so I haven't planted seeds for them for about 3 years now.
Here's my luffa. I think I have about 4 that have popped up. I'm hoping to actually see them bear fruit this time. I started them one other time, but they fizzled out quick. (Somebody forgot to water them. Don't know who that could have been! In my defense, they were way out of the way of the rest of the garden. ;D)

Here are the baby cukes that have started. I don't think they've grown that much since I took this photo. It must be the crazy up and down temps slowing them down.

The seeds that I planted with the boys are coming up as well. We have different squashes coming. The hollyhocks are up, as is some of the marjoram, a couple of daisies and the corn. I'm going to have to do some fancy configuring for next week when we're out of town. I don't want them to croak while we're gone. I'll get some photos of them soon as well. Pooh came running to tell me when he discovered his seeds were sprouting. It was so cute!

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