Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fundraising-Yard Sale

This past weekend when I had my little blog break, I was still quite busy. We were fundraising for our local homeschool group. I'm in charge of coordinating field trips and we've started this year to hold fundraisers to raise money to pay for the kids to go. We managed to have about 5-6 field trips this year where all the kids got in free! This was from one yard sale and one candy bar fundraiser. The yard sale we just completed is getting some funds together to be ready to start the year in September.

Thursday I had the boys helping me a lot. There was a lot of stuff from the last yard sale that I had saved and put into my shed. It had to come out (and nothing was getting saved this time!). Then there were tables and other wood shelving that had to be pulled out and set up. There was no way I could do it myself, so I had Pooh and Tigger helping me. They did great! It was the one day last week where it felt very warm outside so Pooh complained a bit about being hot. We took breaks here and there to ease the load.

Friday was the first day of the sale. The weather proved to be tricky. Despite the forecast the day before that it was going to rain LATE afternoon and evening, the rain started at about 12:30. We did pretty well despite only being open an hour and a half. My volunteers (which included several of the teenagers in our group) helped us cover what could be covered and bring in the rest. Shall we say it was a bit crowded in my family room/basement???

Saturday was the main day. We were able to sell quite a bit and earned several hundred dollars to help the group. We were busy constantly. We started closing up at about 3pm and took all the leftovers to one of the Goodwill drop off sites. Yeah! It's done and I don't have to look at any of that stuff anymore.

My only legacy is that I need an adjustment. I really wore out my back on Thursday so I guess I'll have to change those plans for our next one. Even with the boys helping, I did too much. I hate getting older!

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The Glasers said...

Garage sales are full of opportunities for dynamic thinking!! Getting rid of junk is so cathartic!