Friday, February 22, 2008

Wind in the Willows: Pooh Narration 3

When Water Rat went to get a Doctor, Mr Toad was sneaky. He put down a rope and he climbed down of his house. Then Mole and Badger went back to Toad's house and saw Rat sitting down. Then Water Rat, Badger and Mole went upstairs. Then they saw Mr. Toad was gone. Mr Toad walked in the road. Then he went to a little street called The Red Lion. Then he went into some body's house and had to eat. Then he got our and saw a beeping noise. He wondered what it was. It must be a motorcar! And then Mr. Toad saw that a driver went into a party. Then Mr. toad wondered if he could drive it. Then he sit on the driver's seat and then the car moved. Then he kept driving on the road.

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