Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pooh's Pot of Honey

I just had to write about the smallest yet significant thing Pooh did tonight. I'm a little limpy from my hip sliding out of place. It does that on occasion and will eventually slip right back in. It's done this since high school. Anyway, I'm limping into the kitchen when Pooh notices and asks what's wrong. I explain. Then the cool thing happens. He bring me a piece of pvc piping that the boys use in their pretend play. It's about 2 1/2 feet long. He says "here this will help you". I told him that it was ok, i was alright but thank you. I wasn't exactly sure what i was supposed to do with it. lol Then he says "oh, it's too short".

It was supposed to be a cane!!!! How sweet is that?!? Not only did he 1. notice my problem. He 2. looked for a solution and 3. realized that the solution wasn't quite right. He didn't get upset about it and we moved along in our activity.

My Pooh bear is full of honey sweetness!!

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The Glasers said...


This is so exciting!!!! He really is paying attention to you and he cares about helping you!

Snoopy dancing and victory lapping!