Friday, February 22, 2008

A New Trend in Scripting

Pooh's scripting has taken a turn. I noticed a big change about a month ago when I noticed he was scripting out bits and pieces of two/three different movies to make a new story. I could recognize most of the parts and could see how he was blending them. Although, when i was trying to ask him about it, he got upset. So I didn't get to pursue or explore what was behind the changes.

Also, he'll substitute the names of the characters in the movies for the names of his friends. So for a Winnie the Pooh movie suddenly Piglet is being called Dylan, Tigger is Jonathon etc. He's done this with the PBS show Fetch with Ruff Ruffman by making up his own game show with questions he wants to ask and giving us points.

So, while part of me still dislikes the whole scripting thing in general, the other part of me is pretty impressed. This is a creative turn, to make his own stories from parts of others. (Plagiarizing big time I know. LOL) It shows how his mind is at least flexible enough that the story doesn't have to be the same every time.

For those who may think I'm being overly positive about this, I do believe that it's still a way for him to control his world. That instead of joining our world, he's bringing us into his. I don't plan on particularly doing anything about it. I may make my own suggestions for plot changes here and there and see how well they're taken. My main belief though, is that thru continued efforts in RDI his need for scripting will lessen. The more comfortable he feels in having a relationship with the people around him and becoming interested in the things they are interesting in, the less need he'll feel to stick with the tried and true avenue of movie and book scripting.

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