Thursday, February 21, 2008

Checkers Goal

So we've been working on this 'Checkers' goal for the past few days. I've been really trying this time to just do things in the moment instead of preplanning so much and getting bogged down with "activities". I've noticed that i don't even need to do any prep work for Pooh to be involved. Just pausing and looking at him clues him in that he needs to be alert for my move. Sometimes it's an eye movement-from him to an object, like the groceries in the cart at checkout. Sometimes, i catch his gaze and move towards the clothes dryer. He just follows me and starts joining in with what I'm doing. No talking is involved.

I've also played keep a way with the dishes he's supposed to be cleaning off the table, played a blocking game where i don't let him by as he's trying to leave the room and made Teechino (herbal coffee) RDI style.

So I think this goal is going well! I'm not stressing over it and am trying to incorporate 'lifestyle' ideas and I believe that this is working. I'm happy to see that our sabbatical didn't cause a major loss of referencing skills either.

This means i need to get working on my parent goals and giving feedback on the RDIos to my consultant. Hop to it, girl!

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