Friday, February 15, 2008

Bird Update 4:45

At this sighting we saw:

2 Morning Doves
1 Carolina Chickadee
2 Northern Cardinals
3 Dark Eyed Juncos
2 American Robins

Despite today's results, I normally have a ton of birds in the yard. Last time I counted, in January, we had 17 species of birds, including a Red Shouldered Hawk who likes to visit on cloudy days. Tigger named him Glub the first time we saw him in December.

I'm hoping for a truer representation before the official counting time is over.

1 comment:

The Glasers said...

I miss the chickadees we had in Colorado--they were so cheerful and friendly. We always called the juncos "shy guys" because they were more introverted. Cardinals are beautiful and I love the little chip they make in flight!

I did not see the graphic for the bird count! Great idea!