Monday, February 11, 2008

RDIos Lite 1

Ok, so yes, I think I'm missing out on the videos part. Or maybe I just haven't found them yet. What I've been looking at in the last week, is the elearning section. It's like little slide shows but you hear Dr. G talking/explaining things. I absolutely LOVE being able to listen to him. I choose the topic (we've been doing Guided Participation) and there are about 25 little slide shows adding up to one hour of listening time. I can stop and start it whenever I want. The King has been listening with me and trying to get better at understanding Autism and Rdi. I discovered this weekend that, after 8 years of him watching and reading different info i've given him, he still has no idea how to explain what autism is to other people. I'm not saying he hasn't tried to pay attention. It's just not been a priority for him. And yes, he's watched the whole Getting to the Heart of Autism DVD. We had a serious discussion about it because it bothers me. He needs to understand this to be able to give at least a simple explanation of what our son is like and what we're trying to do to help him. Anyway, I feel that the elearning section of the website will be a great help in that. And it's wonderful for me too. I need the review from time to time, because I read so much I just can't always keep everything all straight.

That's the latest. I'll keep looking for more tidbits to share.

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The Glasers said...

The hardest part for my king is that he was raised with a very imperative style of parenting. So, that is what he does with Pamela. When the mail truck arrives, Pamela usually gets the mail. If she did not hear it, I might say, "I think I heard the mail truck." That's all I need to say.

On Saturday, my king goes, "Pamela, go get the mail. . . Get your shoes on and get the mail. . . The mail's here, go get it!" I don't know how Pamela felt, but my head was spinning. One of his nicknames is whirlwind because that is how he gets things done. He does not realize Pamela has to process what you say and then she will react. But, she has no time to process if you are already repeating the command you just gave.

I guess change is easy in hindsight . . . :-)