Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our New Spanish Thing

I figured with everything else out there on YouTube there had to be some Spanish videos too. Sure enough there is a cute little series of shows called Pocoyo. Some of you may know these shows. They're probably on cable but we only get the very basic cable (16 channels) and so I'd never seen these before. The boys really like them, especially Tigger. He asks to watch them every day.

The ones we watch are all in Spanish although I have seen them translated into English too. Here's a sample:

One can hope they learn a word or two here and there. At least they are getting a good ear for the language. Tigger is the most interested and doesn't mind us talking to him in Spanish. He's definitely gotten to where he understands a few phrases like 'Ven aca.' Pooh on the other hand says he wants to learn but when we try it he complains because he doesn't understand. He knows how to call people 'loco' though. With all the proper inflection. LOL Whatever works I guess.

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