Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Snow Storm!--Bird Photos

Osita's first foray this morning into the snow.

We are currently experiencing our 2nd snowstorm for this winter. This is very uncommon in our area. Usually we are fortunate to get ONE decent snow. Some winters we get absolutely nothing.

This male was being elusive for a while but I got him!

A song sparrow. They frequently sit in my butterfly bushes or the telephone wires and serenade us.

The majority of it came in during sleeping hours so the first word I heard from Tigger was "Whoa!" (Ok. Technically this was his 2nd waking. His first waking was him dreaming and punching me in the nose in the middle of my dead sleep. I whimpered and he woke up enough to apologize and then he was out again. Joys of parenthood.) We have at least six inches out there now and it's still a mix of sleet and snow coming until about 5pm, although it won't add too much more to our totals. I'll be getting out there later for measuring purposes and to play with the boys. We won't be going down the road to our sledding place today. I don't think we're ready to brave the roads.

This towhee wasn't being cooperative today. I took this through the window that had screening on it so it didn't come out as well. He wouldn't come to the side of the bush where my storm door was. Maybe I'll get a shot of him when we make it outside.

A goldfinch. It's holding a seed. They haven't been visiting much this winter. This is the first I've seen of them for a while.

The white throated sparrows move around so fast. I have both kinds--tan striped and white striped.

Just got a call from some friends who want to go sledding together! I told her we'd be watching the roads this weekend and I'd have to see how the King feels about these roads. Right now, the wind is something awful.

It's Chippy! The chipping sparrow. A whole flock landed in my backyard about a week ago. I'd never seen that many birds in my yard. I think there were about a hundred of them!

Chippy again. He's got beautiful coloring.

Female cardinal. The males are so showy but the females are very lovely and soft looking.

I spent my morning hours watching the weather first and then watching and taking pictures (at least trying!!!) of the birds who've come out of the woodwork to feed near the feeders. My feeders aren't doing that well this year because the King took down my feeder stand to fix the bottom and never got it done. Therefore, all my feeders are too close together and too close to the ground. I've put food in a couple of them and this morning I threw sunflower seeds on top of the snow. As I was trying to get a close up of a white throated sparrow, a hawk flew right in front of the window and scared them all away. I didn't get a photo of him because he was way too fast and I was in closeup mode. No time to catch him. He was a beautiful flash of color and power though!!! That wouldn't happen without all the snow around I can tell ya that.

Check out the colors on this bird's back. I think it's one of the white throated sparrows. I used to think all those 'brown birds' were boring, but you can't be bored by all those variations in color.
Enjoy your winter wonderland if you have one!!!

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The Glasers said...

Osita looks alot like our dog Loa!!! WOW!

LOVE the bird pictures!!!!