Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm so glad December is over...

Just in the last week we've had other 'issues' we've dealt with.

The hard drive on my computer started sending out warnings of impending doom (ie imminent crash) so I called a friend and he spent several hours trying to get the slug to transfer info to a new(er) desktop he sold us. It is a refurbished Dell. Already the speed difference was amazing. It's not new and fancy but it does the work I need it to do. I also got a refurbished laptop from him that I had been wanting anyway. This will help with googling things in the middle of school--now I don't have to try and remember to do it when I 'get upstairs'.

ALL of us got sick this last week. I guess it was the flu. It whipped through all of us in about 5 days which is pretty fast and furious. If it gets the King, then it's something. He hardly ever gets sick. He's home today as a matter of fact, taking his first sick day in I don't know when. We all seem to be recovering fine, just have the congestion to get rid of and we should be ok.

Also on tap for the last week, the King's grandmother died. She had recently returned to Nicaragua to live because she said she wanted to die there. It's just nobody expected it to happen so fast. It seems a heart valve burst and there was nothing that could be done. The King did get to talk to her on the phone before she was too far gone. Also, we're glad that we went ahead and made the Florida trip last spring (2008), because he was able to see her and she was able to see her great grandsons.

You may remember me mentioning that I managed to bust out my van's back window? Well, unbeknownst to me the truck's hood got a little dented and the King had to spend some time fixing the hood so he could open it. While he was doing that, he had to fix the lock on one of his truck's passenger doors because it had decided to stay in the locked position when he opened it and wouldn't shut. How does life manage it to make all this stuff happen at the same time???

Anyway, I'm looking forward to hopefully some normalcy in the near future. Even though we were all sick, the King took us for a Saturday afternoon drive so that we could get out of the house and see some nice scenery (and I had to pick up some herbs for my congestion anyway). It was a beautiful day. Butt Cold! but beautiful. We drove up into Virginia and got out of the van for about 5 minutes to see a neat old house/mill thing (we can't quite figure out what it was used for) but quickly got our cabooses back in. Despite being well wrapped up, any skin that was exposed was getting bitten by the cold wind.

I somehow doubt that school will return to normal this week, but perhaps we can get ourselves moving in the right direction. With all the coughing still going on, it would be difficult to get our reading done. Plus, Pooh needs some time to readjust his mood. Tv watching while sick has rendered him a serious grump. We need to do some deprogramming. Sigh.

I do have at least one nice gardening post I need to get to. So look for that as my next project. That means I have to set up these new computers with my camera's software. Ugh. Well, I'll get to it eventually. Hope everyone out there is staying safe and warm!


Sparklee said...

Hi there! Glad to see you're blogging again! I hope you all feel better soon!


The Glasers said...

Get this! Remember how Steve TOTALLED his car in October. Well, a rock hit the passenger side of one car and chipped the glass last week. And this week, he ran over a dog that came out of nowhere while he was driving through the mountains and the other car is now in the shop for a week. Judging from the damage to the car, someone is missing Rover right now!