Saturday, January 30, 2010

Family Dinner

We don't eat at the table together every night but we do eat together often. Probably about 4 times per week. We do make other times to hang out together. Sometimes it's breakfast together, sometimes it's tea or cocoa time. These times are important for families. Conversation is always on a different level when you are sitting around a table with other people than at any other time. Even riding in a vehicle talking doesn't produce the same type of conversation. I wonder if it's because the table is designed so that everyone is facing each other and you're sort of forced to "see" each other.

I want to improve our diet. For all of us. I'm even looking into making 'green smoothies'. These are smoothies that include some type of green veggie, many times spinach. I made of these on Thursday and even the boys said it was good and drank a full wineglass of it. (I put it in wineglasses to make it more appealing. The boys know that usually only mom and dad get to use those glasses.)

These are photos of our dinner together that night. We had salmon (a recipe that uses a layer of mayo and ketchup on top for flavoring), broccoli and baked potatoes.

Adding a little fresh pepper to the baked potato.

Mashed potatoes are Tigger's favorite. He tackled his potato first.

Despite the face, Pooh really enjoys his dinner. He LOVES broccoli and many times will ask for seconds. Plus, he's growing and eating more now.

Here's a close up of my plate. My men, both big and little, were not as adventurous as I. What is that purple stuff??? It is a purple sweet potato and I must say that I think it was tastier than a regular sweet potato. It's not sweeter but somehow it was much better.

One advantage of eating together is that I can convince the boys to try new foods. They did take a taste of that purple potato. I even told Tigger that there is a blue potato. It's a type of heirloom potato. We're going to be checking out the farmer's market for it and maybe they'll even like it!


AFwife99 said...

Green smoothies are great- I love them, but I haven't made one in a long time. Purple sweet potatoes are common here in Maui- I think they are pretty tasty. Good job getting the diet more healthy. That's something everyone can work on.

The Glasers said...

Cool! I have never seen a purple potato . . . I'm the only fish lover here--Steve hates it and David tolerates it. Pamela eats it but I worry about the mercury question . . .