Monday, January 21, 2008

More on being a Paleontologist

(Yes, I'm just jumping back in with no explanations. Hopefully, I'll be updated more frequently but I'm not making any promises. :D)

We were outside burning the brush (since the burn ban was temporarily lifted) and I saw Tigger just digging away in the dirt. He has a real kid's shovel so he can definitely do some damage. As I walk by he says he's looking for dinosaur bones. Too Cute! I told him to let me know when he found some. At that, he looks completely exasperated at me being so dense and says, "I'm just pretending the worms are dinosaur bones but they're really not."

Oh, ok, well thanks for letting me know. LOL

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The Glasers said...

Hey, no explanations required . . . welcome back!!!

1) That is a great use of imagination and emotion sharing (the fact that he had to tell you it was pretend).

2) There is a new CM_RDI group at Yahoo you can join if you like!