Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Horse Trail

Yesterday I had to get out of the house. I had been sick for a few days, the weather was beautiful and I knew rain was coming. So we decided to go to a place that we visit mainly in the summer. It has creeks that are running off a major river and as I discovered the last time we were there, some trails. In the summer time the boys have a blast getting completely wet, throwing rocks and all the typical things boys like to do around water. Yesterday, I emphasized was NOT a get wet day! LOL

The trail we went on was designated for horses and because of the recent rain there were nice muddy tracks to follow. (and lots of horsey poo to avoid which means Tigger would yell "Poop" about every 50 feet) Pooh knew what they were from right away. So we went on a hunt to find the horse. We never found it of course, but they did have fun finding all sorts of long sticks to hit against the trees. They pretended they were the hunters from Peter and the Wolf and were hunting wolves. We walked along some fallen pine trees as you would in the circus. I how the woods got a bit more dense and thus darker at some point and said "this reminds me of the hundred acre wood". They both looked. Pooh smiled and Tigger pretended to be scared. More stick banging and shooting ensued. (Oh we also discussed the look of the fresh poop compared to the old ones.---Some nature teacher i am. LOL)

After the trail, we drank some of the hot tea i brought along in the thermos. I also showed Tigger how we bury some potty products. :O Pooh loves putting leaves in the water and watching them flow down the creek. Tigger loves to throw the biggest rock he can lift and watch the big splashes.

Afterward, we came home and they drew into their nature journals the pine tree twigs i brought home. One had recently fallen and still had some green needles on it. The other was one that had a couple of little cones attached. I was impressed that Pooh actually did them with the appropriate colors, as many times he just likes to use pencil or the black color pencils with no variation in colors. He had the needles green and the branch brown.

I'm determined to do this more often.

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The Glasers said...

You're going to love Fields of Home by Ralph Moody some day. . . his grandfather called manure "dressing" (for the fields).