Thursday, October 11, 2007

Monsters and Dinosaurs

Wow have we had a busy couple of days. Went to a children's museum a little ways from here. The museum itself is a totally fun place of course. But, for Pooh the cool thing was seeing the IMAX film on Sea Monsters (of the prehistoric variety). I even yelped a couple times when the huge things looked like they were going to gobble us up by coming out of the movie screen. I thought Tigger would be the one to get nervous, but it turned out that Pooh was a little scared. Interesting. I've also noticed that Pooh has started putting his hands over his ears for loud noises again lately. Public bathrooms, loud movies, etc. I'll have to mention that to his Naturopath next time I talk to her. He hadn't been doing it that much for a year or two. Hmmmm. Next we went to a Nature Museum and had a nice time in the butterfly pavilion and learning about above ground and underground animals.

Then, today, we had the privilege of seeing the AWESOME show "Walking With Dinosaurs". Man, they really did a good job. They were so life-like. The T-Rex came out at the end and was of course the loudest. LOL We were with a homeschool group and everyone enjoyed the show, from the teenagers to the little kids. I definately recommend it. We were able to get in on a special rate because they had one show made for school kids with a super reduced rate. (Disclaimer--the show is set up heavy on evolution, so those of you don't go that route in teaching will have to use your own discretion. We just discussed afterwards that scientists make lots of "guesses" and only God knows the truth about what they looked like and what happened to them.)

Tigger says he's going to be a "pagoloshist" he he. Both boys will definately be on a dinosaur kick for a little while. That I know. Guess I need to go get out their box of toy animals so they can reenact some fighting scenes. Carnivour vs. Herbavour next on Boys Gone Wild.


The Glasers said...

It sounds like a great trip. If you want to counter the dose of evolution with a dose of creationism, there is always the new museum built by Answers in Genesis!

The Glasers said...

It sounds like a blast. Plus, if you ever need a dose of creationism to blast out the dose of evolution, just head on over to the museum built by Answers in Genesis.

Aspergertopia said...

hi there, sorry it took so long to get back to you. I'd be happy to invite you to my blog, however, I haven't posted on it since Oct though (as I spent my time getting familiar with the new RDIos.) I'll probably set it back to public and start posting again shortly.

Hope all is well with you.