Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Power of Dairy

A little history first. December 2006 I had just had it with my allergies so I decided to try an elimination diet similar to the one explained here. It took me about two months to complete it but in the end I discovered the foods causing my main allergy problems. Dairy is of course, my biggest culprit. I'm also a little sensitive to corn (something my naturopath says is common in people with candida issues) and bananas. Through avoiding dairy I have eliminated the majority of my allergy issues.

Soooo, I was noticing some things with Tigger. Not only the sensory and potty training issues, but how he was getting little almost invisible bumps on his skin, redness around the mouth and cheeks and diaper rash. I decided to take him off dairy. He didn't have any more diaper rash, his face cleared up, he stopped chewing everything and he potty trained. Coincidence? Maybe, but my guess is that the dairy allergy was throwing his whole system off, including the sensory part. You don't have to react in an anaphalactic (spelling ?) way to have an allergy.

I have a SoyaPower machine which makes our soy and rice or almond milk. We have discovered cheeses from the health food store. Soy and rice ice cream doesn't taste as bad when it's the only thing you can eat.

Tigger is handling it all really well. He even told a friend he was visiting that he wanted a snack, but no cow's milk. ;D The only thing we haven't been able to find is a substitute for goldfish crackers. Some type of cracker that tastes cheesy would be really appreciated around here. If any of you reading this have a name brand for me, I could order it thru our local Whole Foods. I would greatly appreciate it. (and Tigger would LOVE it!)

So, any of you with potty issues and/or sensory issues going on with your kids, give non-dairy eating a try. It just might surprise you.

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