Sunday, February 8, 2009

Canada Geese

We had a neat little experience with geese yesterday. We were walking through some open fields when Pooh spotted someone with a dog. As we followed Pooh (who was following the man with the dog to ask if he could pet him), all of a sudden a large flock of geese took off and flew right over us. Well, once the boys realized the game of sending the geese flying, they sent the other two smaller flocks into flight too. It was really cute to watch them run under the flying birds after they sent them into flight. I wish I had had my camera!

What was really neat about the experience, was listening to the sound of their wings flapping. It sounded like a mini helicopter sound. It took me a few seconds to realize what that particular sound was. I was watching the last flock before it took off and was able to note the lead goose because I saw him make his call about 10 seconds before lift off. It was really interesting to see! It makes me wish we lived closer to one of those large lakes where large flocks of birds visit in spring and fall. You know, like you only see on National Geographic. LOL

The first group did not fly in formation for a long time. It took them quite a while to realize where they were going. As they took off, they split into a few smaller groups and perhaps by the time they were out of sight they had formed the famous "V". However, as we were watching they first flew one direction, then took off into another direction. I'm sure they knew what they were doing, but it was the first time I had ever seen them 'look' disorganized.

I was able to show the boys all the 'scat' lying on the ground. That was a new word for them to learn. There was plenty of it around let me tell ya. We saw their huge tracks. I never realized what big feet? they have.

You just never know what you're going to see. And that wasn't even supposed to be a nature walk!


live4evermom said...

That is a wonderful adventure you all had. I love bird watching. I've always loved watching birds but a friend got me more into it and now that is my thing too.

The Glasers said...

When we lived in Minnesota, we even saw scat on a frozen lake! Ewwww!!!!!