Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Lazy 5

In April our homeschool group took a trip to The Lazy 5 Ranch in North Carolina. It's an amazing, independently owned ranch that keeps all kinds of animals that you don't see very often. The best part is that you get up close. They offer a drive-thru service--that is, you use your own vehicle and stay on marked paths and the animals will come to you to be fed. OR you can join one of the wagon rides, which is what we did. This is our 2nd trip there and I would go back again. The best experience is seeing babies in the spring and having the water buffalo stick out it's big, long tongue for a taste of feed.

Tigger and the water buffalo.

The best way to feed these guys is to drop the food in. The driver gives you instructions as you go along.

Pooh was so happy to feed the giraffe. You have to stand up in the back of the wagon to feed them over the fence they're in.

They also have a walk thru zoo area. You can see deer, sheep, goats, wallabies, lemurs (and their babies--too cute!) and all kinds of birds too. Plan on an hour for the wagon ride, another hour to do the walk thru zoo area and however much time you think you may need for the little kids to play on the huge wooden ship play structure. It's very, very dusty and you'll be out in the open. Either spring or fall would be excellent times to go--spring is my favorite since you get the opportunity to see any babies that have been born. We saw some type of antelope baby that had been born that morning. The last time we went there were more than a dozen pot bellied pig babies running around. THAT was a scream!

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The Glasers said...

Oh how fun!!!!! I can see why you'd want to go again!