Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Butterfly Farm

A perfect day for a spring trip to a butterfly farm! The weather was gorgeous! This trip was in the beginning of April.

This young lady gave a wonderful presentation about butterflies. It was kid friendly and yet we all learned things we didn't know before. Tigger looks less than thrilled but he did have a good time!. LOL

Here he is again with a smile. Once we went into the butterfly pavillion (I'll call it that-I can't remember what they called it.) all the kids were given a piece of cotton soaked with sugar water. that way the butterflies would be interested and land onto their hands for a nice long drink. As you can see, the main attraction was the monarch.

Pooh raised his hand and volunteered for this demonstration. He did a really great job even though he got a little embarrassed by the time it was all over with. See the ears on the knees-that's where the butterflies hear. The taste buds are on the feet. The noses are on top of the head. It's all topsy-turvy from what we are! That was cool to learn.
In another post, I'll provide some photos of the butterflies we purchased and raised from this farm. It was exciting!!!


The Glasers said...

Oh how fun!!!!!

Sparklee said...

What a neat way to demonstrate butterfly anatomy! And it's so cool that you got to feed them, too!

Sparklee said...

Hi again--just wanted to let you know that I'm nominating you for two blog awards!

Here is the link:


Primal said...

Wow..thanks for sharing!