Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January Snow Storm

This was our best sledding experience yet! Lots of good snow and deep enough you didn't start to hit grass after a few tries.

Big brother giving a helping hand. He's holding the sled for Tigger so it doesn't go down without him.

This was just too cute! They both got down the hill and they are working together to get themselves and their sled and board back up. You see how they are both all wrapped up and covered in white stuff? It was sleeting while we were there and soooo cold!!!

Dad is giving the snowboard a go. Whoops!

Some friends met us at the school and showed us how it's really done! LOL He has a real snowboard complete with the necessary footwear.

We ended up at the school both Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, our friends brought their kayak! Isn't that hysterical?!? I even went down in it. It was fun! Hey! Whatever works is what you use. We even saw some people bring a camp air mattress and some others had inflatable pool equipment--they all worked really well.

Pooh's turn in the kayak.

Tigger on his snowboard.

He ended up with a load of ice in his face and was crying. Somehow that prevented him from being able to move so the King went down to rescue him with a little towel. Kids are so funny! This would be the same child who flips around and gets hurt all the time but a little ice in his face and the world has come undone! LOL

And the look of pure joy as he whizzes by me in the kayak.

Don't forget that just rolling down a snowy hill can be just as much fun. No need for fancy equipment! (Looking at the photo again I'm thinking "Please don't eat that!")

If the weather keeps up like the forecasters are expecting, you can expect to see more winter weather fun on this blog!!!

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