Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's Almost Time!!!

The Great Backyard Bird Count is almost here!!! Don't forget that it starts next Friday. I can't believe how time flies. We've gotten our feeders ready just because of all the snow happening lately. The woodpeckers have even started coming back. Having out a variety of seeds will attract more species of birds for your count.

Homemade suet for the woodpeckers. However, the Titmice like it too. I've also had a couple of starlings come for a taste.

Nijer seed is what the finches love. They will bankrupt me on it come spring time. Nijer isn't the cheapest seed but I love to watch the masses of birds it attracts. Last year we even had a small flock of Pine siskins come for this seed.

This little guy is taking a taste of the typical bird seed mix you can buy. I rarely get this kind. In the rest of the feeders I just use black oil sunflower seed.

I put out some peanuts too and because our dog was in the house we woke up to a couple of rare visitors. Once the peanuts were gone, they went to town on the seeds I scattered on top of the snow.

Got him with his mouth open!

It was such a nice morning sitting and watching out the window with Tigger. He was able to identify almost all the birds we saw that morning. I was so proud of him!!! It's great practice for next weekend when I hope to have a private session with each boy. Tigger drives Pooh nuts sometimes because he's so bouncy. He drives me nuts because he can't wait quietly while I give Pooh a chance to process information. Pooh has recently told me he's not Pooh, he's Rabbit. LOL He says it's because he likes to read so much. I think he's right about that. He definitely has some of Rabbit's characteristics. But he'll still always be my Pooh.

In conclusion, we're ready for our bird count. Are you ready for yours???


live4evermom said...

We are ready.

Sparklee said...

Great photos! We have a squirrely visitor at our feeder, too!

The Glasers said...

Love it! I did my GBBC reminder today with a picture of The Invasion of the Worm Snatchers . . .