Thursday, February 4, 2010

Greeting Card Fundraiser

Our local homeschool group is doing a fundraiser to raise money for our yearbooks. Yes, this is our second year having a group yearbook. Last year's was great and the kids were so excited. This year they are at it again getting pages ready for printing. We've had lots of activities to record and pictures are flying through everyone's emails in preparation.

The fundraiser consists of greeting cards made from artwork done by some of the kids in the group, Pooh included. We've taken photos of sketches or paintings they have done and had greeting cards printed with those creations. Here is the watercolor that Pooh did:

Here are some samples of other artwork included on the greeting cards:

I'm not quite sure how all this is going to come out looking. I was trying to achieve a look but the photos and words may be wonky once this is published.

If anyone would like to buy a set of greeting cards to support our group, I would be happy to email you an order form. Just click on my profile and click again on 'Email' and let me know you'd like an order form and I'll get it right to you!

You may buy a set of ten that includes different cards or you can purchase all one type. However you wish to do it. There are a total of 11 different cards. All cards are blank on the inside. We have two sizes to choose from as well-- 5x6.5 and 7x10. There will be a $2 shipping charge. They do include the envelopes.

Here is what a set of 5 looks like.
Thanks for checking them out!!!

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live4evermom said...

That's an awesome card Pooh did.