Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our School Day

Yesterday was like something out of the twilight zone. Granted, we started school around lunch time which didn't really stress me. But we didn't get done until 5:30!!!! What the ???? I have no idea what happened. I know we had a few interruptions (yard sale drop offs and phone calls), but still...

I've been organizing some still in the school room. I had to move some stuff around due to setting up the boys' work a bit differently (I'm testing out an extremely modified workbox system--more on that another day.) I had to transfer my school binder stuff into a new binder because mine was starting to crack under the pressure of all the papers. LOL I did that part in front of the tv last night where I had to chill for a while before I could even think about talking to anybody again. Thankfully, I had dinner cooking away since the morning and it was done when hubby came home. We have 3 qts of leftover soup in the fridge for FFYN (fend for yourself night). I cook in spurts.

Today went sooooo much better. The boys had their daily work in totes, their weekly work and their work with mom. Yesterday, I started with work with mom and went to daily, then weekly. Today I made them start with their daily stuff (I still supervise), then their weekly, then after lunch we did about an hour of stuff together. MUCH, MUCH smoother. We'll see tomorrow if it was just the day or if it was the method. I'm hoping for the method.

Another thing I did was have the morning snack and lunch ready before we started school. I had cut up broccoli with veggie dip on the table and had cooked mac n cheese (one dairy, one non-dairy) for lunch. I also had my winter squash cut up and baking in the oven to soften during the morning time. I managed to wash and fold 3 loads of laundry before lunch too. Whew! I know what we're having for dinner and I even started soaking beans for the dinner we'll have this weekend.

I guess I should divulge how seasonally motivated I am. This week the temps dropped into the upper sixties and lower seventies so I feel like cooking all day. I'll go for a while like that and then suddenly will switch to the 'be happy if I make you a sandwich' mode. It's sooo weird. You could say I'm inconsistent with all areas in my life. I prefer to see it as a seasonal disorder. :D As soon as spring hits, I start planting anything and everything I get my hands on.

My poor family. They never know who they're waking up to in the morning! Some days I'm so sluggish I can't stand it and other days I'm the Energizer Bunny barking out orders left and right.

Anyway, this post is turning into something of a hodge podge post, isn't it???

In the words of the Spaniard from The Princess Bride: "Let me splain. No, no. Let me sum up."

Wednesday bad. Thursday good. Organizing. Cooking. Off to garden. The end.

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