Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bees. Again

It all started last summer. My Latin King had taken the boys into the woods with their axes and machetes to go exploring. A little while later the boys came running back into the house yelling. Pooh had hit a yellow jacket nest with his axe and gotten stung about 6 times. He handled it all really well, but ever since then he's been somewhat afraid of bees.

Then he got stung this summer by a honeybee he stepped on.

Then it was Tigger's turn. Evidently, when he was playing with his soccer ball on the patio the ball hit a wood ramp they use for their bikes. There was a wasp nest under there. Tigger told me that something on his stomach hurt and when I looked, there was evidence of a sting.

Ever since then, Tigger has been terrified to go outside by himself. Last week he had the responsibility of feeding the dog and rabbit and he was too scared to do it. Either Pooh or I had to be standing at the door telling him to keep going because he would see something flying around and get freaked out.

I'm not super sympathetic. I don't want to nourish the fear. I just explain they aren't after him, but after the honey (or whatever-depends on the insect). "Are they attacking you?" No. "Well, then just keep going. They won't bother you if you don't bother them. The only reason the wasp stung you is because he thought you were attacking his nest." So far the reasoning hasn't made much of an impression.

Tigger used to have nightmares about spiders. They have changed to being about bees. He woke up several nights yelling about them. Poor thing. I am a LITTLE sympathetic. :D

A couple of nights ago, Tigger is heading to his room when he says: "I think I saw a bee in the house." Me yelling from my room: "There's no bee in the house!" Me adding: "Besides, if a bee got in your room, the monster would eat him!"

Nope, not expecting that Mother of the Year Award any time soon.

He hasn't had any nightmares since then.


live4evermom said...

Oh the monster bit was priceless. I'm still laughing at that one. hehehe

The Glasers said...

I am glad I did not have a mouth full of coffee when I read the monster line . . . LOL

You may not win Mother of the Year, but perhaps Mom with the Snappiest Comeback!