Thursday, September 17, 2009

Economics 101

Pooh is trying to convince Tigger to pool their money so he can buy a
George Washington hat tomorrow on our field trip. Evidently, Pooh has
had this in mind since last year when we went on this same trip. If I
remember correctly, the hat was expensive. I think it was $40. I'm
sooo not going to let them spend $40 on a hat. This conversation
started yesterday when I let Pooh know he didn't have enough money to
buy it himself. He wasn't happy.

This is the conversation we had today discussing it.

First I talked with Pooh about how he didn't have enough money to buy
the hat. Again. That he needs to save money for other things too.
There are other trips coming up and he also needs to set aside money for
donations. Later I heard them in the kitchen collaborating on how they
were going to work things out.

Pooh: Hey Mommy! We got it! Look, here's $20 (2 tens) plus $5 is $25.
(Now pointing to Tigger's money) $5 more is $30 and then another two $5
is ten and that makes $40! We can buy the hat!
I watch as they discuss the fact that they can share it (yeah, right).
I mentioned to them that it might be hard to share.
Pooh: But I shared that other hat, the one we got at Disney.
Me: You mean the pirate hat?
Pooh: Yeah.
Me: Well, that one wasn't $40! Besides, Tigger is going to have to
give at least two more dollars for taxes. You'll have to give the
cashier ALL this money, plus $2 more dollars.
Pooh: Don't you pay the taxes, Mommy?
Me: We all have to pay taxes when we buy stuff.
Pooh: Oh.
Tigger: (Isn't so sure he wants to give up more money.) I don't know,
Pooh. Then we won't have any money left at all!
Pooh: Maybe Gramma can send us another check and then I'll have money.
Me: Nooooo, we don't ask people for $$. Money is a gift.
Pooh: I know! We can sell something so people can buy it. Like
Me: Where are you going to sell it?
Pooh: Here-to people that pass by.
Me: Well, that's something people do in the summer. It's not hot
enough for lemonade now.
Tigger: Well, I know! We can sell soda or maybe some wine.
Me: You can't sell wine! (That was yelled with emphasis. LOL)
Tigger: I know. We can make model boats. You know, like Daddy made me
that boat, the catamaran.
Me: Oh no, if this is your business, then it's something you have to
make, not me and daddy.
Tigger: Well, we could get some of the yard sale stuff and put it on a
Me: Nope, that yard sale stuff is for the homeschool group. So you
guys get free field trips.
Pooh & Tigger together: Oooohhhhhh
Pooh: How about Star trek pictures? I can write stories. There are
lots of trekkies out there.
Me: That's true
Pooh: I like to write.
Me: That's fine, but you'll have to do a lot of them. You can only
charge $1 per book.
Pooh: Well, I'll just do it when I don't have any money.
Tigger: Soo, how are we gonna do the books?
M: You have to use blank paper--not the lined paper and you CAN'T do it
today. You have chores to do and other stuff.

In the end I continued our conversation so that Pooh understood that
tomorrow we can see how much the hat is and if it's more than he has, we
can look online and buy one cheaper. We saw one yesterday similar to
what he wants and they called it a Napoleon hat. He loves Napoleon too
so that wasn't a problem at all.

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