Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Exercise--A New Habit for Mom

I've been at it since the beginning of June, so I can say I've officially cultivated a new habit. I stuck to it! Whooo Hoooo! Go Me! (Where's a cheerleader when you need one? ;D)

A friend and I (we'll call her S.) have decided to really do it this time. Really get on the ball with an exercise program. We've been walking 2-3 evenings per week. We plan on 3 and sometimes we do get in 3 walks but then there's someone without a car, cramps, etc that cuts it down to an average of 2x per week. Our schedule is M, W, F and we walk *late*. We start between 7:30 and 8pm so that we can avoid the humid southern heat. Ick. Depending on our speed, we usually go for about 3-4 miles. That takes us about an hour, maybe a little more. It's so much easier to make yourself go when you have a partner to walk with!!! We wear out little music players so we can get a good walking rhythm and it also helps to wear it when S can't make it or vice versa.

I have not lost any weight whatsoever yet, but I do feel a bit more energy. I even jogged a little one evening last week when I was on my own. (Have ya gone bug eyed yet? LOL) To be honest, it was one of those jog for a hundred feet kind of things and I only did it three times, but it was a start.

I'm considering some Zumba classes. I've seen that the local community college will be offering some fall classes and I'm tempted to join. It's only one evening per week so I could walk the other two evenings. It's going to be interesting to see how S and I adjust our schedule as the light changes this year. Hopefully, we can keep on track and keep up our new habit.

Another friend, L, tried to kill me yesterday. She took us on a hike. Up a mountain. Up. Up. Up. They said it was one mile. It felt like 3. Up rocks. Up stairs. Up some more rocks. My calves cramped. I huffed. I puffed. I make it up there. Barely. Nice view as you can tell from the photos. I then rolled myself down. No really, the coming down was soooo much nicer.

The gang of boys who had no need for huffing and puffing.

Black vulture. We were about 40 feet away.

Barely caught him flying off as one of the boys made a move to get closer.

My two munchkins.

The one who enjoys terrifying mothers everywhere by believing he's a mountain goat. (Not mine thank goodness! ;D)

My long-term goal: To one day do the same hike without huffing and puffing.

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