Monday, August 24, 2009

Hanging Rock

Edited: Ya know, I thought I had put up some pictures of this hike but when I couldn't find them at first, I figured I had just dreamed it. (unfortunately that happens to me often) So I apologize. I just found where they were--in the exercise post! Silly Me!!!

This is the hike that started the Autism Conversation with Pooh. It's very beautiful there. But I decided my friend was trying to kill me. The hike she does all the time with no problem, had me huffing, puffing and nearly passed out by the time I got to the end. It *says* it's only one mile. I guess it is. The problem for me was that it was straight up a mountain for one mile. My calves were in revolt. My body was too. I guess I have a lot more work to do with my new habit of exercising. Yikes!

Here are Pooh and Tigger sitting in the shade once we reached the top. They, of course, had no problem climbing the mountain.

None of the boys did. Enjoying the scenery from up top.

Young man hanging over the edge of the hanging rock. Glad he's not mine. I would have have broken out in a cold sweat at seeing this if he was mine. Made me nervous enough!!!

My treat for reaching the top: Seeing a Black Vulture up close.

Barely made this photo! My settings were all wrong which is why the color is weird. Just glad I got him taking off! They sure are a lot larger looking when their wings are open!!

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The Glasers said...

Sweet story about your boys! They are really growing up!