Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mental Block

We're still here. Lately, I've had a mental block as far as blogging. I think I've been too involved in the reorganizing I'm trying to do here at home to be able to think about composing a post. There are several posts that have either been started or will be in the works soon.

1. Some resources for teaching Spanish and I will also list what I hope to use here at home this coming year.

2. Resilience in children and how that coincides with some aspects of a Charlotte Mason education.

3. I spent some time re-vamping the boys chore system. I have all the cards printed out now and need to finish setting it up for them to use. I will be doing some more training on chores too. That will be a post in itself.

4. We have a new system of Penalty Chores in place for misbehavior. It's working.

5. New TV rules. About a month ago we set some new rules on TV watching. I've seen positive changes from that as well.

6. A garden update. A favorite I know.

At least this gives you something to look forward to, right? I do have one favor to ask. If any of you have used a free file share website that you like, please let me know. When I post about say the Chore Card system I'm using, I'd like to be able to share my cards so others can use them if they wish. I've seen a few file sharing websites but I'd like some recommendations from others who've had success with a specific one.

In other news, we are pretty busy. Cleaning house, reorganizing school stuff, weeding the garden, play dates and getting our Homeschool Co-op stuff ready for next year keeps me very busy. I was hoping to relax a bit this summer, but I guess that's out. LOL We'll be throwing a kids baseball party in a couple of weeks too. I guess the season is serving it's purpose though. Fun for the kids, restructuring for the teacher.

Thanks so much and hope everyone is having a great summer!


The Glasers said...

I have plenty of topics in my head . . . finding the time to blog them is another matter!

hicksgirl93 said...

I totally understand you. Glad you are getting things accomplished though. I cant wait to see what you got brewing!