Monday, March 17, 2008

Salad Tongs

You guys are going to think I'm nuts. I finally just got around to buying a set of salad tongs. Pampered Chef's bamboo ones no less. Why haven't I had salad tongs before you may ask? Well, I have had two pairs in the years I've been married. The King breaks them every time. He's a bit of a klutz with that kind of stuff, but I put up with it because he does dishes. LOL We went through two complete sets of 20 glasses the first few years we were married. In addition to that, I've lost all but two of my wine glasses, my perfume bottle I bought in France and several plates and bowls.

So, salad tongs. This time they're bamboo, so maybe they'll last.

So for dinner tonight after the table was set, I placed the tongs on Pooh's plate. "What's this?" he asked. (meanwhile the King is trying to busily set up the video camera so we missed the very first part of the 1 minute activity LOL) I took the tongs and flipped them around so the spring action would work. He watched me, looked at the salad bowl on the table and started right in. I held someone's bowl while he put in the salad. I think it was toooo easy really. Yes, it was something new but he barely even needed help. He did reference for help though which I guess is the whole point of this exercise.

Tomorrow I have to remember to buy the nutcracker while we're running errands.

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