Monday, March 31, 2008


Well, here is what has been keeping us busy the last couple of weeks.

Car Repairs--This is the time of year for inspections and getting new tags. Also, I took the van in to have it checked for a few things before our trip. While I was without the van I drove the King's truck whose starter died while I was running errands. Yikes! I was stranded and so was the King (at work). We got that problem solved by my pleading for help from the shop guys. lol Then one place said I needed new tires. I go all the way to Sears for that, because that's our usual place, and they said I didn't need new tires. Thus a trip to the mall because I had already promised that we would go while waiting for the van.

Shopping--I've been doing a lot of shopping lately. Sandals for everybody, bathing suits, beach towels, SEA WORLD TICKETS (gotta love that one. Neither the boys nor the King have ever been to Sea world) AAA triptik, books for Ambleside Online's Year 1 found thru various sources online including,, and I'm having fun scoring hardcover books for the same price or less than the new paparbacks from Amazon. I got two Holling C Holling books in hardcover and 4 of the D'Aulaire books in hardcover. Also, Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare and the James Heriot Treasury. That's all that i can think of right now. I also shopped for Tigger who got a little gift for successfully potty training. I shopped both online and in stores for musical instruments for the boys. We decided to get Tigger a guitar (from Target) and a keyboard for Pooh (from Amazon). I also got a lap harp. I want to incorporate music lessons into our RDI as well as teach them to play. Tigger is a very big instrument lover already, just like the King.

Field Trip--I organized our local homeschool group going on a field trip to a local science center and planetarium. That was fun! Everyone was happy to get together.

Bowling--I have been wanting to do a little party for Tigger for potty training (before our summer pirate party--too far away) so I organized our homeschool group to go bowling. $2 per hour including shoe rental!!!! Can't beat that! Everyone paid their own way, but I brought a cake and the paper supplies. The kids are all itching to do it again one day.

Gardening--I start all my plants from seeds pretty much. So I have been transplanting broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage into the garden. Then going to Lowes to hunt down the mole repellent you sprinkle around the plants because they were getting eaten. Fertilizing said plants along with the asparagus, onion and garlic I'm growing. I also have started tomatoes, peppers and eggplants that i moved into their own cups last week. There are a lot of flower seeds in my house and getting ready to be moved to my little greenhouse. I want the space back in my living room. Unfortunately, my greenhouse isn't one i can afford to heat enough to start early stuff in.

All this means we've had a two week spring break. There has been a little reading and some listening to audio books. Oh and the RDI stuff! Can't forget that. However, this week I have to get back on track with our regular routine. Our FL trip is coming up fast and I won't be dragging our math along on that. (although I'm considering bringing some of the books we're reading in addition to the audio ones--not sure yet on that though).

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